Surprise entertainment, hoax characters. Make your party or event a success by using our surprise entertainers. They mix and mingle with your guests and provide unexpected results.
Murder Mystery Events in the Hampshire, Sussex, and Surrey areas.


Remember the pranks of the greatest TV hoaxters, Noel Edmunds, Jeremy Beadle, Dom Joly and Ant & Dec in programmes like Game for a Laugh, Candid Camera, Beadle's About, Trigger Happy TV and Punk'd?
How about pulling your own big party surprise?

Your unsuspecting guests gather for what they believe to be a perfectly normal dinner, banquet, function, conference, meeting, away day or wedding. Some of the venue staff or colleagues or fellow guests begin to behave strangely...

...only you know they are actors or singers or specialist entertainers or superstars working undercover...

...the rest is top secret but, rest assured, your guests will never forget your event.

The hardest part will be stifling your laughter before you are finally able to give the game away and utter the words "You've been Punked" or "surprise, surprise".

Our hoaxes have been used to:-

  • liven up an otherwise dull occasion
  • launch a team building event
  • lead into a surprise themed cabaret
  • help a murder mystery party go with a bang
  • pull a surprise on party guests
  • make a wedding breakfast more memorable
  • add unbelievable PR value to a product launch

Please call for a no-obligation chat through the many options and scenarios we have to pull a surprise on your guests.

Costs vary greatly depending on the many formats and options available but our surprises and hoaxes start from 150 and go up to 1,000. Prices per head can be quoted if required.

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