Corporate team building events in the Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Dorset areas. We have a list of tried and tested events and activites to challenge and inspire your staff. Energise your team.
Company awaydays and corporate training sessions. We have a wide range of original and inspiring scenarios to test and energise your teams. South coast, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey.


Our actor-led team building challenges and shows are innovative, live, uniquely tailored and interactive to the level you choose.
Relax and allow our experienced and friendly Creative Director to guide and inspire you from concept, throughout planning and during the production.
Our team of professional actors, presenters, singers and skilled entertainers are passionate about what they do and all our flexible corporate events cleverly combine proven team-building elements with fun entertainment and sparkling imagination to ensure utter satisfaction every time.


Our Team Building Productions cost from £300 to £3,000.
We will work within your budget, analyse your requirements and research your organisation to create an experience day or evening uniquely tailored for you.
We can also quote a per-head price if you prefer.


The Time Maze ©

Team building or just for fun. Teams bond as they visit various themed time zones where costumed actors set tailored physical and/or mental challenges.

Double-O Heaven: Team Spy Challenge ©

Spy challenge. Set your guests up to expect a boring talk or bogus work-related workshop that deteriorates into an unforgettable event where they become secret agents & meet our B.O.N.D. girl, eccentric gadget man & various villains.

Make-a-Movie / Cd

Lights, camera, action! Great team building and loads of fun as our team of professional directors, actors and camera crew help you create and direct your own spoof movie or advert, or record a CD single.

CSI: 4 Ways 2 Die ©

Become detectives, judges, witnesses, forensic scientists & coroners for the day and take a guess at who died how, where and why.

You've Been Hoaxed ©

Forget watching Jeremy Beadle or Dom Joly doing it on TV... experience it for yourself. Set your guests up to expect a boring board meeting or a dull dinner and watch with glee as our hoaxters create a realistic situation that gradually unfolds before their eyes. Lots of bogus scenarios!

Interactive Treasure Hunt

By car, on foot, or both. Wacky characters along the route set challenges or help your team solve clues and find the "treasure".

Tailored Murder Mystery

Whether you require a daytime team building murder mystery, a dinner show or a full weekend, our memorable murder mystery events will leave your guests talking and bonding for weeks after the event.

The Great Team Movie Challenge ©

A team building event with all the pazzaz of a Hollywood party. Teams move about various Movie Genres where costumed actors set them themed challenges and award points and prizes.

A Vampire Hunt ©

This production is so new, even we don't know what surprises are in store but, rest assured, it will involve dusty old books, crucifixes and a seductive vamp or two!

Music & Movies Game Show

This can take place over dinner or with a short break between rounds for refreshments. Each table becomes a team and our professional presenters, (Austin or Marilyn, Elvis or Ozzy) will guide you through the evening. This takes the pub quiz to a more interactive plane and the rounds are themed and the format varied.

Bespoke Corporate Scripts

Use actors to get across your corporate message. We will help you prepare a bespoke script which can be performed live at your conference or event or made into a short DVD.

Forum Theatre

In forum theatre, the delegates watch a group of actors perform a scene or create a scenario and then discuss the characters' actions and the outcome. The scene is then re-started but this time the actors, delegates or facilitator can stop the performance at any time and suggest a different course of action in order to examine different reactions and outcomes. A fun and valuable way of managing your corporate training needs.

Corporate Videos

If you would like to commission your own production, we can provide the performers, help with the script and recommend the best DVD production companies in the area.

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